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Training - Support - Funding
$2500 Grant for Digital Transformation

This program is focused on providing qualified brick-and-mortar small businesses with a digital assessment, online training and a $2,500 grant to implement their digital transformation plan.

Application Guides

Video Tutorial
Step-by-Step Slide deck
Written Guide
Application Checklist

Getting Started

Approx time: 10 mins

Step 1
Sign up (or Login if you already have an account)

Enter your business information

Fill in the Digital assessment and pre-qualification quiz

Training Videos

Approx time: 2.5 hours

Step 2
Complete the digital literacy training program

Note: you will need to watch all videos from start to finish to ensure they are marked as complete. 


Approx time: 1.5 hours

Step 3
What to include:
Your Digital Transformation Plan

Documents showing you own the business & pay commercial taxes

Photos of the interior
AND exterior of your business


Reach out to a member of our Digital Service Squad for:

Help with your application

Digital service recommendations

Assistance with social media

and more!