Full Moon Cleansing Wands + Meditation


Jul 31, 2023

18:30:00 - 20:00:00

Wild Little Roses, Perth Street, Brockville, ON, Canada (View Map)

Join us in celebrating the full Sturgeon Moon by creating your very own cleansing wand! Handcrafted from sage, dried flowers, leaves, and other herbs, cleansing wands are also known as “smudge sticks”. They are traditionally used to clear the air in your home or space using smoke from the burning end of a wand. By trailing this fragrant smoke through the air, you can get rid of any negative, stuck, or low-vibration energy.

The introduction to this workshop will consist of a short meditation in our beautiful courtyard garden, to set your intentions and tune into your inner world, using the power of the full moon to let go, reflect, and manifest. You will then learn the art of binding herbs and flowers together until you have your own unique cleansing wand.

All the supplies, step-by-step instructions and aftercare tips will be provided to make your Cleansing Wand.

Don’t miss out on this special experience; take time to breathe, be present, feel the full moon power, and start anew with a cleansed home and aura.

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