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Brockville Parking Map

Click to download a PDF of the Parking Map

Downtown Brockville has 2 hour complimentary parking on King Street and designated side streets. Street level signage shows where these spots are available. Two of these spaces are available on Market Street West right in front of the Visitor Centre. If you are going to be longer than 2 hours, please be sure to park in one of the municipal lots. Parking for over 2 hours in the free street parking is subject to a $20.00 fine. Please be advised that all other streets in Brockville are subject to 3 hour parking only.

Metered parking on the remainder of the streets is at the cost of $1.00 per hour. The meters only accept quarters, loonies and toonies. A good rule of thumb is “if you see a meter, feed a meter”.

Tour Buses

Tour buses can disembark at 2 Market Street West in Downtown Brockville, in front of the Brockville Tourism office. The bus can then proceed to a free parking area east of the Brockville Museum, beside Hardy Park.

For more information on rules and regulations in Brockville, visit the City of Brockville’s website

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

There are three charging stations for Electric Vehicles in Downtown Brockville. Two stations are located in the Aquatarium covered parking lot. The charge for these parking spaces is $3 per hour. There is also a charging station at located at The New Oak Tree 28 King Street East for $2.