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Monthly Feature: The Brockville Museum

Things to Do in Brockville | The Brockville MuseumThings to Do in Brockville: The Brockville Museum

We're starting a new monthly feature where we highlight a downtown Brockville business that's been crushing the social media game! This month we're extremely excited to highlight The Brockville Museum!

You may be a little shocked. A place thats sole purpose is to promote an age before social media is "crushing the social media game"? Yes.

The museum, formally established in 1981, features 7 permanent exhibits, and 1 temporary exhibit room. Right now it displays "Pieces of Brockville", come May it'll change to "My Story, My Tattoo". Their team hosts a wealth of activities for all ages all year long: Museum at night (adults only), lecture series, workshops, curriculum-based school programs, birthday parties, and a lot more. Staff Natalie, Peggy, Ellen, and Viktor (part-time) along with seasonal staff and their hard-working volunteers, eat breath and sleep Brockville history.

Top 5 Reasons to follow them: 

  1. Get a behind the scenes look at what people who work for a museum do because... does anyone really know? You'll get to see how artifacts are prepped for display and unique pieces of the collection that aren't accessible to the public.
  2. They have the best throwbacks. From old videos to never before seen photos, you won't be disappointed by their #ThrowBackThursday
  3. No matter your age there's always a ton of activities going on! Their social media is the go-to place for info on upcoming events. If you're not following them, you might miss out!
  4. You may not know that the Brockville Museum gets new exhibits pretty regularly. You may think that a building showcasing history is stagnant, but it's continuously being challenged to fit new exhibit needs and showcase their growing collection.
  5. Celebrate all the holidays by reminiscing on the good old days to the point where you'll feel like Clark Griswold during the attic scene In National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (minus the unconventional outfit). Our favourite was #LoveYourPetDay where we got treated to a black and white video of all the doggos.

Check out The Museum Facebook page and their Instagram

Or better yet, stop in:
5 Henry Street
Open Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm (they will have extended summer hours). 





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Tourist Tip #3

things to do in brockville

Diving In Brockville - Tourist Tip #3

Brockville is known for its historic charm and having fun things to do, but do you know this history is continued down under the water?

Do you also know that Brockville is home to some of the world’s best freshwater diving? With no thermocline and astonishing water clarity, you can explore century-old shipwrecks and artifacts that are scattered along the river bottom. You can check out the list here. Shipwrecks vary in skill from novice to advance and from 20-150 feet. The oldest one dates back to 1812!

Another unique addition to Brockville's waterfront is the underwater sculpture park.  In fact, Brockville is one of the first communities to host an underwater sculpture park! Established by S.O.S Thousand Islands chapter, the park is consistently being updated and new statues are added each year which means there's always something new to see! There are already over 25 sculptures to explore!

Luckily if you have minimal or zero experience, the Dive Brockville Adventure Centre offers classes of all levels or discover scuba for newbies. Discover Scuba is a 3-4 hour adventure that lets you experience the thrill of diving without the hours of training. Gear is available to rent for any diver which makes packing a breeze!

Fun fact: the Dive Brockville Adventure Centre also has kayak and canoe rentals, bike rentals, water taxis, island picnics and more!


This is post 3 of a 12-post series about things to do in Brockville:

Post 1: Things to Do In Brockville

Post 2: Biking In Downtown Brockville

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Health and Wellness In Downtown Brockville

things to do in brockville,  dentists in brockville

Health and Wellness In Downtown Brockville

When you're walking down the street you may notice all the shops, restaurants and fun things to do in Brockville, but do you notice the health and wellness businesses? Sometimes a little more hidden or even on second floors, Downtown Brockville is home to 28 health and wellness businesses! 

Whether you're looking for a chiropractor, RMT, dentist, pharmacy or any type of business to put your best foot forward, Downtown Brockville has it! Having everything in one location truly makes it easy to finally complete those healthy new years resolutions.

Check out a list of all our health-oriented businesses downtown here
Looking for a specific service?
Check out Chiropractors here;
Check out Dentists here;
Check out gyms and other forms of physical fitness here;
Check out doctors, hearing aid clinics and other medical businesses here;
Check out our pharmacies here;
Check out physiotherapists here;
Check out retirement homes here.

Make your health and wellness a one-stop shop in Downtown Brockville!


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The 101: Burger & Bevvy 2019

The 101: Burger & Bevvy 2019

We're excited to launch a new event named Burger & Bevvy! Participating restaurants are featuring exclusive burgers and drinks all week long and we want to give you a sneak peak at what to expect (get ready for your mouth to water)! Eat at any of these locations March 16-24 and you can be entered to win the following prizes:

Prize 1: $50 Downtown Brockville Gift Certificate (collect 2 stamps to enter to win)

Prize 2: The Downtown Brockville Foodie Basket (collect 3 stamps to enter to win)

Prize 3: $500 in Downtown Brockville Gift Certificates (collect 4 stamps to enter to win)
Downtown gift certificates can be used at almost any business downtown! Find out more here.



The infamous (and delicious) Ritz burger is back for Burgers& Bevvy 2019 only!!  A fresh 6oz patty topped with balsamic onion marmalade, tamari glazes mushrooms, maple candied bacon, truffle aioli, and brie!! Talk about a masterpiece

Please note that they are only open Thursday - Sunday. Make sure to schedule them in!


Buell St. Bistro

Your taste buds will rejoice with the Buell Street Bistro's Southwestern Crab Cake Burger! At lunch enjoy their Southwestern Crab Cake Burger on a crusty bun with lettuce, tomato, avocado, and aioli. Pair it with carrot slaw, their soup of the day or sweet potato fries! At dinner enjoy the platter featuring their delicious crab cakes served with both sweet potato fries and exotic slaw, garnished with avocado and aioli! It that wasn't good enough, they also are offering their famous Fresh Fruity Sangria! Get it while you can!



A never before seen menu item, the Roll'n a Roll Burger! Their scrumptious sausage roll (in homemade bread of course) is paired with bacon, lettuce, onion, tomatoes, mayo, salad cream, and tomato sauce... yum!! Pair this alongside their unique Burgery & Bevvy only drink: Hot chocolate infused with tea! The best part, you get to pick the tea!


Manoll's Fish & Chips

Manoll's has gone Greek offering a Greek Gyro burger! Fresh pita is layered with their homemade tzatziki, beef burger, caramelized onions, gyro, feta, lettuce, and tomato for a mouth-watering combo. Mamma Mia!


Richard's Coffeehouse

Take your Nona's homemade chicken parmesan and put it on a fresh toasted bun and you've got Richard's soul-satisfying chicken parm burger. Talk about serious comfort food!


Make sure to stop by the Spitfire Cafe and the Union Jack Pub as well! Stay tuned for their specials closer to.


So how do you win?

Step 1: Pick up a stamp card from participating locations or the DBIA office.

Step 2: Eat at participating locations

Step 3: Collect stamps for eating at participating locations

Step 4: Enter to win by dropping off stamp cards at participating locations or the DBIA office


Check out more info on the website here.

Keep up with the latest info on the Facebook event here.


PSA: If you collect 4 stamps you'll be entered to win all 3 prizes. Likewise, if you collect 3 stamps you'll be entered to win prize 1 and 2!

You also don't have to order the burger/bevvy to collect stamps!

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3 Simple Steps To Be A #DowntownBrockville Ambassador



3 Simple Steps To Be A #DowntownBrockville Ambassador



1) An ambassador doesn't mean you have to be an expert
Even if you visit downtown every day that doesn't mean you'll have all the answers to tourists' questions! The most important thing is you know where to find the information. If you're ever stuck with a question, direct people to the tourism office (corner of Water St. and Market St. W). Even if you can answer their question, it's still a good spot to let them know about!
2) It all starts with you doing a good deed
Maybe you see someone who looks lost, overhear a conversation in a restaurant, or a tourist may even approach you! By positively engaging with tourists, it makes them feel more welcome and comfortable sharing our beautiful city! This encourages them to be repeat visitors. 
3) Share your experiences!
Talk to neighbours, friends, out of town relatives and anyone who will listen about the positive experiences you've had at downtown businesses and why you love to visit the downtown as a whole.
Talk online as well! Reviewing businesses on their social media pages, or platforms like TripAdvisor, helps other potential customers decide if that's the right business for them! 90% of customers value online reviews as highly as personal recommendations.
You can also make your own post about downtown and downtown businesses on social media! The more you share the more people care! Make sure to use #DowntownBrockville if you're on Instagram or Twitter, we love seeing and sharing your posts!
Ready to start? Come by our office to pick up some Downtown Brockville stickers, reusable bags, and info packages! Our office is located at 3 Market St. W (in the basement of city hall, entering through the side door on Market St. W).
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Monthly Feature: the nosh~er~y and the nosh~er~y market

nosh~er~y and the nosh~er~y market  | Things to Do in Brockville

Things to Do in Brockville: the nosh~er~y and the nosh~er~y market

We're starting a new monthly feature where we highlight a downtown Brockville business that's been crushing the social media game! This month we're extremely excited to highlight the nosh~er~y and the nosh~er~y market!!

The nosh~er~y opened in summer of 2017 and has been talk of the town since. They source local ingredients to present trendy and exciting new dishes designed to intrigue the mind and delight the palette! The nosh~er~y market (opened in 2018) is an extension of the restaurant's values bringing you a space where you can shop their delicious soups, spreads, dressings, bread and frozen meals to take home. They also feature locally made products and vendors!  Owners Stef and Karen really are all about the #ShopLocal movement!

Top 5 Reasons you should like both the nosh~er~y and the nosh~er~y market page:

  1. You can count on them to brighten your day by posting their daily specials with a playful (sometimes sassy) one-liner
  2. They're always on top of posting info about the restaurant whether it's specialty menus, occupancy for busy nights or forewarning customers if they are going to be closed. 
  3. You can also catch delicious photos of their food served in the restaurant or for purchase at the market! They also post updates of new products and mouth-watering baked goods that you can find in the market.
  4. They really engage with their customers by asking your opinion on new specials, suggestions for in-store vendors and more.
  5. You get to experience them actively engage with the community whether it's sourcing local food, participating in Dancing Stars of Leeds and Grenville, or supporting fellow local businesses.

Check out the nosh~er~y Facebook page here.
Check out the nosh~er~y market Facebook page here.

Or better yet, stop in:
209 King St. W
Open Tuesday-Saturday 11:30am-9:00pm, Sunday 5:00pm-9:00pm

Please note the noshery market is closed until April. 

Do you have a downtown business that you feel has an exceptional social media? Let us know and they could be featured next! 



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Things to Do in Brockville - Tourist Tip #2

Do you know Downtown Brockville is a bike-friendly area?

Our historic, Brockville riverfront downtown is part of both the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail, and the Frontenac Arch Biosphere! With 10 certified bike-friendly businesses and 3 welcome centres, it's the perfect place to pull over!

 At these locations, you'll find healthy food options (many of which are locally sourced), lots of information on trails in the area, and plenty to do before you continue on your route! Our local bike shop is located right downtown too so you'll be able to pick-up any mid-trip items to help make your ride more enjoyable!

We recommend planning to stay at least one night so you can enjoy amenities like Canada's First Railway Tunnel, The Aquatarium, a world-class show at the Arts Centre, and of course, catch a beautiful sunset (or perhaps sunrise) on the St. Lawrence River! You can check out a list of things to do downtown on our directory. Plus with great bike-friendly accommodations you can relax knowing you and your bike will be well taken care of.

The Cycle Brockville online map shows you where there infamous Brock trail runs,  as well as secure bike locations if you choose to go the walking route and explore the over 60 shops and 30 restaurants downtown.

Explore more about biking downtown under the Discover tab:


Need help planning your trip? Get in touch with us!


This is post number 2 in a series of 11. Each Tip is posted on the 4th Sunday of the month!

Check out Tourist Tip #1: Where To Find Travel Info, here:



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Things To Do This February in #DowntownBrockville

We're fortunate enough to have a wide array of passionate speakers joining us for us The Brockville Museum's 2019 Lecture series!  Running each week until March 5th, there is a wide range of topics from Indigenous History to How Labatt and its Allies brewed up a Nation of Beer Drinkers. 


The famous Alumni Game takes place on the 17th but before that, there is still lots to do! Get a VIP experience with the alumni players at the Chicago Blackhawks Alumni Hot Stove Dinner, go play some mini-sticks at the Library on the 16th, or enjoy a night of skating on the 9th at the SnO'Farrell - Free Skating Party, or participate in the Winter Classic Scavenger hunt! Check out the full list of events here.


The Farmers' Market is back at the Aquatarium just in time for Valentine's Day! Produce, preserves, local food and locally crafted gifts for the whole family! Just like at the Christmas Market, admission to the Aquatarium is free for the day so you can check out the otters and have a day of family fun!


Looking for something a little more hands-on? Check out the wide array of workshops available like a Eucalyptus Wall Hanger DIY, Sign Workshops , a Galentine's Day Floral Workshop, or even a Drum making workshop!


Tons of cafes and restaurants are hosting musicians or there is always a rock-star show going on at the arts centre! Duos, Trios, acoustic, rocks bands, oldies... something for everyone! There are even some open mic nights downtown! Check our events calendar weekly for ones coming up!

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Tourist Tip #1

Take tourist tip from Downtown Brockville |  Things to Do in Brockville

Things to Do in Brockville - Tourist Tip #1

All the information you can find in person at our office and the tourism office can also be found online! From restaurant and shopping guides, places to stay and most important things to do in Brockville!

Check out our website here:

Our directory hosts great info about things to do in Brockville, including places to stay, restaurants, fun attractions, and every other business! We also have a handy dandy parking map under the "about" section. You can check out festivals and events happening downtown for the time period you plan on visiting by heading over to the event calendar!

Need a recommendation of things to do in Brockville? Get in touch with us!

The tourism website is also a great resource:

This is post number 1 in a series of 11. Each Tip is posted on the 4th Sunday of the month!

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How To Make Supporting Your Brockville Community Your Next New Year's Resolution

things to do in brockville To Make Supporting Your Brockville Community

We make tons of New Year’s resolutions about creating a better version of ourselves whether it's mental or physical health, to learn a skill ... all are great! Have you made a resolution about how to help your community though? It's as easy as switching a portion of your spending to downtown businesses in Brockville! You don't have to spend more money, heck you may even save some! This small change can have a huge impact however since supporting local businesses means more money that stays and is recycled within the community. Long term this equals job creation and more money in our local economy due to the multiplier effect! To help you keep this New Year's resolution, we've come up with 12 resolutions you can implement easily each month!


Catch your friends at brockville restaurants & coffee

It's crazy how fast the year goes by and before you know it it'll be December and you'll be saying how you wish you'd seen so and so! Take advantage of the quieter months and meet up with someone at a downtown cafe. You can find the list here.

nail salons, barbers, hairdressers, spas in brockville

Spa, nail salons, barbers, hairdressers, tax services, lawyers, dentists, chiropractors... make the commitment to switch one of these services to a downtown vendor! Need a recommendation? Just ask us or check out the directory.

coffee at a café or a full meal at brockville restaurants

With over 30 places to eat downtown, your options are endless! A quick coffee at a café or a full meal at a sit-down restaurant and everything from Indian food to classic pub food! Access the directory here. You can also do some groceries like buying your bread from a local bakery or stopping by food stores like The BrockberryMetro or the nosh~er~y market.

Not sure where to find what you're looking for? Ask us!

Join the Brockville Community-Wide Clean up committee in a city-wide clean-up! You can sign-up for certain locations including sections of downtown. They also supply all the materials you need like gloves, garbage bags, recycling bags etc.

Participate in brockville events

Festival season has finally arrived! Kick off the warm weather season with Poutine Feast or Street Eats on May 25! Check out our event calendar for all of the upcoming events!

brockville shopping at brockville shopping

Shopping the farmers market guarantees that you’ll get the freshest produce! The only transport these fruits and veggies encounter is from the farm to the market. There are also lots of other vendors like honey, soups, bread, jewelry, woodwork and so much more! Every Saturday from 8:00am – 1:00pm on Market St. East.

The number of times I’ve heard someone comment that they were shocked when they went into a new store are countless! With so many unique and artesian businesses downtown, there is so much to discover and we know you’ll be amazed! Check out our directory of stores here. Looking for suggestions? Get in touch with us.

Easy peasy! Nothing quenches a hot summer day like ice cream. Stop by downtown and enjoy a cone by the beautiful St. Lawrence!

Embrace the (too sad to be true) final days of summer with a drink on a patio. Enjoy the beautiful views of the St. Lawrence, the architecture on King Street, or the beauty of the patios itself!

hosting a holiday party at brockville restaurants

Whether it’s going out for dinner over the break or hosting a holiday party, there are tons of ways to take on this task! You can find a list of restaurants here, services like spas here, and things to do here.

brockville shopping ideas

If you’re not already doing the majority of your holiday shopping downtown, start by purchasing 2 things from your list from a downtown merchant. With over 60 shops, 30 restaurants, and 25 services it’s more than doable. Not sure where to shop? Get in touch with us!

schedule appointment at spas in brockville


Nailshairbarber visits, facials or other treatments to make yourself look and feel your best can all be scheduled downtown! Impress all of the family while helping support your local community.

There are tons of ways to help support your community all year long! At the end of the day, it comes down to being mindful about shifting your business to local entities.

 Learn About Things to Do in Brockville

Make sure to check out our directory of all the businesses downtown. Remember you can get in touch with us if you're ever unsure where to go or things to do in Brockville! Download a PDF copy of the monthly resolutions here!


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The Quick Guide To Gyms In Downtown Brockville

Healing Arts Centre & Yoga Studio

While the yoga studio is the mainstay of the Centre, it has been their intention to open their doors to groups and individuals wanting to explore and practice alternative or complementary forms of health care.
They have been overwhelmed by the positive response and feedback they have received from their clients. They like to think of the Centre as a kind of bridge where people interested in complementary or alternative health care can experience yoga and related activities in a safe and welcoming environment. They will continue to put forth a variety of venues within the alternative health field that will allow the individual within this community to educate themselves in becoming healthier happier people. Check out their website


HUA Fitness Centre

HUA Fitness Centre is a powerlifting gym and physical fitness centre that is suitable for all ages and experience level. Located at the corner of King Street West and John St, HUA's great location is available to service clients from all parts of town, especially those in the midtown and in the downtown core. There are many amenities that this facility has to offer:  Equipment, consisting of 3 lifting racks and platforms, rowing machines, accessory workout machines, a treadmill, bikes, free weights, a surround-sound stereo, open room for cardio, power sleds, core workouts, and more! Access to free classes that are age and ability specific which may focus on muscle strength and/or fat burning. Complimentary membership parking. HUA is home to Popeye's Supplements Brockville, giving members the ease of having Popeye's supplements and other products being sold all under the same roof as their gym HUA has a very welcoming and encouraging environment that has been the key to the physical and mental success for many youth and adults in our community. Heard. Understood. Acknowledged. HUA! Check out their website.


Peak Performance Training & Nutrition

Peak Performance is a private personal training and nutrition coaching studio with open gym times available to their members! They offer a functional strength style club with varied hours and on-site trainers. We offer several fitness classes at various times throughout the week and day. Check out their website.


RD Athletics - Therapy & Training

Looking for some guidance with your training? Ready to take it to the next level? Looking for a gym with an intimate community atmosphere that provides high-quality programming?

RD Athletics is proud to be Brockville’s only semi-private personal training facility. This means that a smaller number of (very friendly) members will be training during any given block, but each with their own individual program which is designed and taught by the RD Athletics staff. This ensures proper exercise selection and execution by each and every client.

Individualized programming is included in membership and each new phase is taught to you by one of our certified staff. It's like personal training without the hefty price tag! Plus...personal training is available if that's more your style. Join a fitness community that is passionate, determined, and supportive. Check out their website.


Studio 44 Yoga

“Yoga For You”
With more than 10 styles of yoga offered through our studio, we have something for everyone!
We offer a variety of yoga styles, yoga teacher trainings, and diverse body-mind workshops. Our goal is provide the highest standard of yoga teachings. We have dynamic classes for the Beginner yogi to the Advanced student. With more than 10 styles of yoga offered through our studio, we have something for everyone! YOGA FOR YOU! Check out their website.

Tall Ships Landing Club

More than just a gym, the Tall Ships Landing (TSL) Club is the perfect place to unwind, meet with friends, or spend some time during your stay. With a wide variety of activities available, you are certain to find something you will enjoy. 
The Fitness Centre allows you to workout while looking out over the St. Lawrence River. This space will give you a picturesque view from sunrise to sunset. The custom ceiling is a photograph taken by Ian Coristine and illuminates when the lights are on to give you the feeling that you are gazing up the mast of the Fair Jeanne. In addition to the nautilus equipment and free weights, the fitness centre also includes a salt water infinity lap pool, dry sauna, outdoor hot pool and splash pad.

The lobby greets you with a wood ceiling around the chandelier, which is from the library of Parliament. The library was the only building that didn’t have damage from the fire of 1916.
Gather some friends for a game of billiards and listen to your choice of music on the system.
In the piano room lounge among the bookcases and delight yourself with one of the many nautical-themed books and games.
If you are planning a small social event, you can reserve the Wicker Room for $125 (plus applicable taxes) per day. It accommodates up to 50 people and offers a small kitchenette for your use.
The Terrace is an outdoor space that rivals all others. With 3000 square feet of riverview terrace, gas barbecue, shuffle board and fire pit – it is dockside living at its best. Take part in the activities on the terrace or cozy up in a Muskoka chair and sit back and relax. Check out their website.


Thousand Island Martial Arts

Dedicated to sharing the values and spirit of the martial arts with our children & community. Check out the many great benefits of participation in the martial arts. Already convinced? join the TIMA Family today. They offer classes for adults and women's only classes! Check out their website.

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18 Last Minute Gifts You Can Buy Downtown

1) Skincare and bath products because everyone's got skin. 

There's a huge selection of luxurious products for all skin types downtown. Majority of them are also organic, and Canadian / locally made. Men's products available too!
Check out the selection at Heavenly Touch Spa and the River Lily Boutique

2) Get them something as classic as you having an entire year to shop but still doing it last minute.

Check out The jewel box and Penny's Jewellery. There's something for everyone's budget! 

3) How about a game that you can break out after Christmas dinner? 

Mario Kart, Catan, Monopoly Fortnite edition? There's literally 100's of games to choose from between these three locations:
- Chulmleighs
- Golden Age Comics
- Sequence


4) Or something to do together at a later date?

Because spending time together really is the greatest gift you can give.
Grab some passes to the Aquatarium, make your very own bottle of wine at Bodega Wines, see a world-class show at the Arts Centre or put your relationship to the test at the Escape room.

5) Get them a beautifully made sweater that will feel like a warm hug

Get them here:
- Alan Browns
- Limestone & Ivy


6) For the Snowbirds (or anyone going on vacation this holiday season) grab them something they can wear to the beach! 

Check out Ebb & Flo or the Boardwalk Landing for options!

7) These beautiful home decor items will please even the most sophisticated eye.

Try looking at: 
- Heritage Clock Shop
- Hang Ups Creative Picture Framing


8) What about a good old fashioned book?

Browse the shelves at:
- Book trader
- From Here to Infinity 


9) Help them build, or start a new collection.

Check out the Coin Hunter (which is home to gold, silver, and banknotes too).
Or Seaway Treasures which, as the name entails, is a store filled with hidden treasures! From crystal glasses to antique furniture they have it all.

10) Let's not forget about our furry friends!

Check out Healthy Pets for a new stuffy, treats that support hip and joint health, or a brand new collar so your pupper feels like a brand new dog!


11) Have someone on your list who is away? Buy them something that reminds them of home.

They'll love some Brockville swag form the Tourism office, or a nautical themed items from Dockside living.


12) What about some records or vintage clothing for the people in our lives that enjoy things a little more old school.

Check out Spitfire Records, Grizzly's Records or Sheila's Bombshell Vintage!


13) What about a gorgeous succulent or bouquet of flowers to brighten up anyone's dining room table!

Get them at
- Wild Little Roses
- Colonial Flowers


14) Looking for someone who bikes or skateboards? 

Check out Cranks for everything bike related, electrolytes, performance socks and more! Or head on over to Revolution, a shop that not only has your skateboard needs but all the trendy fashion to make them look the part too!


15) What about something a little more on the fancy side?

Try looking at:
- Prima Donna 
- Isis
- Bonita Bold 


16) Let's go back to essentials... what about underwear, socks or PJs? 

Look at Echo or Pauline's Lingerie!

17) If you know them well enough to know their size, what about these beauties?

Check out Savvy or Golden Soles

18) Or the best gift of all... one that they pick out!

Get them a downtown Brockville gift certificate that can be used at any of the above locations or almost everywhere downtown! You can purchase them from the DBIA office or over the phone until this Friday!

3 Market St. W



Didn't find what you're looking for? Send us a message via emailFacebookTwitter or Instagram and we can make some recommendations! 

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May 15, 2020
During these trying times, our local businesses in downtown Brockville, and residents in general, are feeling the effects of COVID-19. With many shops forced to close and others operating with
April 8, 2020
  Easter looks a lot different this year for all of us, so we compiled some resources to help make it a bit more normal and maybe even a bit more exciting than you're projecting it to be.
March 20, 2020
If one thing is for sure, we are in unchartered waters and relying heavily on leadership to keep us safe during this strange time we find ourselves in currently. Staying informed and kind are