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March 2019

Monthly Feature: The Brockville Museum

Things to Do in Brockville | The Brockville MuseumThings to Do in Brockville: The Brockville Museum

We're starting a new monthly feature where we highlight a downtown Brockville business that's been crushing the social media game! This month we're extremely excited to highlight The Brockville Museum!

You may be a little shocked. A place thats sole purpose is to promote an age before social media is "crushing the social media game"? Yes.

The museum, formally established in 1981, features 7 permanent exhibits, and 1 temporary exhibit room. Right now it displays "Pieces of Brockville", come May it'll change to "My Story, My Tattoo". Their team hosts a wealth of activities for all ages all year long: Museum at night (adults only), lecture series, workshops, curriculum-based school programs, birthday parties, and a lot more. Staff Natalie, Peggy, Ellen, and Viktor (part-time) along with seasonal staff and their hard-working volunteers, eat breath and sleep Brockville history.

Top 5 Reasons to follow them: 

  1. Get a behind the scenes look at what people who work for a museum do because... does anyone really know? You'll get to see how artifacts are prepped for display and unique pieces of the collection that aren't accessible to the public.
  2. They have the best throwbacks. From old videos to never before seen photos, you won't be disappointed by their #ThrowBackThursday
  3. No matter your age there's always a ton of activities going on! Their social media is the go-to place for info on upcoming events. If you're not following them, you might miss out!
  4. You may not know that the Brockville Museum gets new exhibits pretty regularly. You may think that a building showcasing history is stagnant, but it's continuously being challenged to fit new exhibit needs and showcase their growing collection.
  5. Celebrate all the holidays by reminiscing on the good old days to the point where you'll feel like Clark Griswold during the attic scene In National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (minus the unconventional outfit). Our favourite was #LoveYourPetDay where we got treated to a black and white video of all the doggos.

Check out The Museum Facebook page and their Instagram

Or better yet, stop in:
5 Henry Street
Open Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm (they will have extended summer hours). 





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Tourist Tip #3

things to do in brockville

Diving In Brockville - Tourist Tip #3

Brockville is known for its historic charm and having fun things to do, but do you know this history is continued down under the water?

Do you also know that Brockville is home to some of the world’s best freshwater diving? With no thermocline and astonishing water clarity, you can explore century-old shipwrecks and artifacts that are scattered along the river bottom. You can check out the list here. Shipwrecks vary in skill from novice to advance and from 20-150 feet. The oldest one dates back to 1812!

Another unique addition to Brockville's waterfront is the underwater sculpture park.  In fact, Brockville is one of the first communities to host an underwater sculpture park! Established by S.O.S Thousand Islands chapter, the park is consistently being updated and new statues are added each year which means there's always something new to see! There are already over 25 sculptures to explore!

Luckily if you have minimal or zero experience, the Dive Brockville Adventure Centre offers classes of all levels or discover scuba for newbies. Discover Scuba is a 3-4 hour adventure that lets you experience the thrill of diving without the hours of training. Gear is available to rent for any diver which makes packing a breeze!

Fun fact: the Dive Brockville Adventure Centre also has kayak and canoe rentals, bike rentals, water taxis, island picnics and more!


This is post 3 of a 12-post series about things to do in Brockville:

Post 1: Things to Do In Brockville

Post 2: Biking In Downtown Brockville

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Health and Wellness In Downtown Brockville

things to do in brockville,  dentists in brockville

Health and Wellness In Downtown Brockville

When you're walking down the street you may notice all the shops, restaurants and fun things to do in Brockville, but do you notice the health and wellness businesses? Sometimes a little more hidden or even on second floors, Downtown Brockville is home to 28 health and wellness businesses! 

Whether you're looking for a chiropractor, RMT, dentist, pharmacy or any type of business to put your best foot forward, Downtown Brockville has it! Having everything in one location truly makes it easy to finally complete those healthy new years resolutions.

Check out a list of all our health-oriented businesses downtown here
Looking for a specific service?
Check out Chiropractors here;
Check out Dentists here;
Check out gyms and other forms of physical fitness here;
Check out doctors, hearing aid clinics and other medical businesses here;
Check out our pharmacies here;
Check out physiotherapists here;
Check out retirement homes here.

Make your health and wellness a one-stop shop in Downtown Brockville!


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The 101: Burger & Bevvy 2019

The 101: Burger & Bevvy 2019

We're excited to launch a new event named Burger & Bevvy! Participating restaurants are featuring exclusive burgers and drinks all week long and we want to give you a sneak peak at what to expect (get ready for your mouth to water)! Eat at any of these locations March 16-24 and you can be entered to win the following prizes:

Prize 1: $50 Downtown Brockville Gift Certificate (collect 2 stamps to enter to win)

Prize 2: The Downtown Brockville Foodie Basket (collect 3 stamps to enter to win)

Prize 3: $500 in Downtown Brockville Gift Certificates (collect 4 stamps to enter to win)
Downtown gift certificates can be used at almost any business downtown! Find out more here.



The infamous (and delicious) Ritz burger is back for Burgers& Bevvy 2019 only!!  A fresh 6oz patty topped with balsamic onion marmalade, tamari glazes mushrooms, maple candied bacon, truffle aioli, and brie!! Talk about a masterpiece

Please note that they are only open Thursday - Sunday. Make sure to schedule them in!


Buell St. Bistro

Your taste buds will rejoice with the Buell Street Bistro's Southwestern Crab Cake Burger! At lunch enjoy their Southwestern Crab Cake Burger on a crusty bun with lettuce, tomato, avocado, and aioli. Pair it with carrot slaw, their soup of the day or sweet potato fries! At dinner enjoy the platter featuring their delicious crab cakes served with both sweet potato fries and exotic slaw, garnished with avocado and aioli! It that wasn't good enough, they also are offering their famous Fresh Fruity Sangria! Get it while you can!



A never before seen menu item, the Roll'n a Roll Burger! Their scrumptious sausage roll (in homemade bread of course) is paired with bacon, lettuce, onion, tomatoes, mayo, salad cream, and tomato sauce... yum!! Pair this alongside their unique Burgery & Bevvy only drink: Hot chocolate infused with tea! The best part, you get to pick the tea!


Manoll's Fish & Chips

Manoll's has gone Greek offering a Greek Gyro burger! Fresh pita is layered with their homemade tzatziki, beef burger, caramelized onions, gyro, feta, lettuce, and tomato for a mouth-watering combo. Mamma Mia!


Richard's Coffeehouse

Take your Nona's homemade chicken parmesan and put it on a fresh toasted bun and you've got Richard's soul-satisfying chicken parm burger. Talk about serious comfort food!


Make sure to stop by the Spitfire Cafe and the Union Jack Pub as well! Stay tuned for their specials closer to.


So how do you win?

Step 1: Pick up a stamp card from participating locations or the DBIA office.

Step 2: Eat at participating locations

Step 3: Collect stamps for eating at participating locations

Step 4: Enter to win by dropping off stamp cards at participating locations or the DBIA office


Check out more info on the website here.

Keep up with the latest info on the Facebook event here.


PSA: If you collect 4 stamps you'll be entered to win all 3 prizes. Likewise, if you collect 3 stamps you'll be entered to win prize 1 and 2!

You also don't have to order the burger/bevvy to collect stamps!

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3 Simple Steps To Be A #DowntownBrockville Ambassador



3 Simple Steps To Be A #DowntownBrockville Ambassador



1) An ambassador doesn't mean you have to be an expert
Even if you visit downtown every day that doesn't mean you'll have all the answers to tourists' questions! The most important thing is you know where to find the information. If you're ever stuck with a question, direct people to the tourism office (corner of Water St. and Market St. W). Even if you can answer their question, it's still a good spot to let them know about!
2) It all starts with you doing a good deed
Maybe you see someone who looks lost, overhear a conversation in a restaurant, or a tourist may even approach you! By positively engaging with tourists, it makes them feel more welcome and comfortable sharing our beautiful city! This encourages them to be repeat visitors. 
3) Share your experiences!
Talk to neighbours, friends, out of town relatives and anyone who will listen about the positive experiences you've had at downtown businesses and why you love to visit the downtown as a whole.
Talk online as well! Reviewing businesses on their social media pages, or platforms like TripAdvisor, helps other potential customers decide if that's the right business for them! 90% of customers value online reviews as highly as personal recommendations.
You can also make your own post about downtown and downtown businesses on social media! The more you share the more people care! Make sure to use #DowntownBrockville if you're on Instagram or Twitter, we love seeing and sharing your posts!
Ready to start? Come by our office to pick up some Downtown Brockville stickers, reusable bags, and info packages! Our office is located at 3 Market St. W (in the basement of city hall, entering through the side door on Market St. W).
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