Staycation 2019

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Staycation 2019 – Things to Do in Brockville

stay·ca·tion also known as a “holistay” or “daycation” means to stay local and participate in activities that do not require an overnight stay. It is a concept used for over 50 years and added to Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary a decade ago!

We want you to know, there is no need to feel pressured to take extravagant summer vacations, sure, the hustle and bustle of a short summer is enough to put the run on anyone to capitalize on their time in the sun—especially after a long winter. As a born and raised Brockville local, who has a passion for travel, I can relate personally, to a deep drive to get out there and see things; yet I am equally as fascinated by all the local hidden gems we have available at the tips of our fingers.

I can do that anytime, so why STAYCATION?

Cost Effective: Don’t pay all the big city admission prices and travel costs to get there – many of our local events are held free, admit by donation or at a seriously discounted price. Check out our starter guide below or ask us how to maximize your local adventure!  

Efficient: embracing your personal time economy can be especially productive and easy when you can get from one side of town to the other in less than 10 minutes by vehicle and a half-hour by foot. You can even cash in on productivity to feel accomplished by balancing home projects with a bit of rest!

Grounding: spending time to see your surroundings in a whole new perspective is a unique experience that can also be enlightening, fulfilling and help you establish a whole new set of connections in your city  

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Extra tips for those who feel leaving is their only way to escape to relaxation:

It is understandable that sometimes you cannot be at home for holiday time, or you end up doing just as much work (maybe more) than if you were working! Since we don’t want that, try the following tips below to moderate the experience:

  • Pause your mail for a week and that includes an auto response on your email – don’t mind what the mail person may think
  • Let those closest to you know about your idea to lessen the urge to distract you – better yet engage them too, “the more the merrier!”
  • Test out a local house cleaning service if you enjoy the luxury of room service
  • Try different travel methods that you wouldn’t normally use as you move between activities
  • Plan activities if you normally do for travel, this may enhance your commitment and follow through with your Staycation!

Things You Can Do in Brockville for Your Staycation

...So if you really must get out of the house, don’t forget to check out our Stay Here options above to enjoy one of our treasured local accommodations!

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