Monthly Feature: The Brockville Museum

Things to Do in Brockville | The Brockville MuseumThings to Do in Brockville: The Brockville Museum

We're starting a new monthly feature where we highlight a downtown Brockville business that's been crushing the social media game! This month we're extremely excited to highlight The Brockville Museum!

You may be a little shocked. A place thats sole purpose is to promote an age before social media is "crushing the social media game"? Yes.

The museum, formally established in 1981, features 7 permanent exhibits, and 1 temporary exhibit room. Right now it displays "Pieces of Brockville", come May it'll change to "My Story, My Tattoo". Their team hosts a wealth of activities for all ages all year long: Museum at night (adults only), lecture series, workshops, curriculum-based school programs, birthday parties, and a lot more. Staff Natalie, Peggy, Ellen, and Viktor (part-time) along with seasonal staff and their hard-working volunteers, eat breath and sleep Brockville history.

Top 5 Reasons to follow them: 

  1. Get a behind the scenes look at what people who work for a museum do because... does anyone really know? You'll get to see how artifacts are prepped for display and unique pieces of the collection that aren't accessible to the public.
  2. They have the best throwbacks. From old videos to never before seen photos, you won't be disappointed by their #ThrowBackThursday
  3. No matter your age there's always a ton of activities going on! Their social media is the go-to place for info on upcoming events. If you're not following them, you might miss out!
  4. You may not know that the Brockville Museum gets new exhibits pretty regularly. You may think that a building showcasing history is stagnant, but it's continuously being challenged to fit new exhibit needs and showcase their growing collection.
  5. Celebrate all the holidays by reminiscing on the good old days to the point where you'll feel like Clark Griswold during the attic scene In National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (minus the unconventional outfit). Our favourite was #LoveYourPetDay where we got treated to a black and white video of all the doggos.

Check out The Museum Facebook page and their Instagram

Or better yet, stop in:
5 Henry Street
Open Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm (they will have extended summer hours). 





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