How To Make Supporting Your Brockville Community Your Next New Year's Resolution

things to do in brockville To Make Supporting Your Brockville Community

We make tons of New Year’s resolutions about creating a better version of ourselves whether it's mental or physical health, to learn a skill ... all are great! Have you made a resolution about how to help your community though? It's as easy as switching a portion of your spending to downtown businesses in Brockville! You don't have to spend more money, heck you may even save some! This small change can have a huge impact however since supporting local businesses means more money that stays and is recycled within the community. Long term this equals job creation and more money in our local economy due to the multiplier effect! To help you keep this New Year's resolution, we've come up with 12 resolutions you can implement easily each month!


Catch your friends at brockville restaurants & coffee

It's crazy how fast the year goes by and before you know it it'll be December and you'll be saying how you wish you'd seen so and so! Take advantage of the quieter months and meet up with someone at a downtown cafe. You can find the list here.

nail salons, barbers, hairdressers, spas in brockville

Spa, nail salons, barbers, hairdressers, tax services, lawyers, dentists, chiropractors... make the commitment to switch one of these services to a downtown vendor! Need a recommendation? Just ask us or check out the directory.

coffee at a café or a full meal at brockville restaurants

With over 30 places to eat downtown, your options are endless! A quick coffee at a café or a full meal at a sit-down restaurant and everything from Indian food to classic pub food! Access the directory here. You can also do some groceries like buying your bread from a local bakery or stopping by food stores like The BrockberryMetro or the nosh~er~y market.

Not sure where to find what you're looking for? Ask us!

Join the Brockville Community-Wide Clean up committee in a city-wide clean-up! You can sign-up for certain locations including sections of downtown. They also supply all the materials you need like gloves, garbage bags, recycling bags etc.

Participate in brockville events

Festival season has finally arrived! Kick off the warm weather season with Poutine Feast or Street Eats on May 25! Check out our event calendar for all of the upcoming events!

brockville shopping at brockville shopping

Shopping the farmers market guarantees that you’ll get the freshest produce! The only transport these fruits and veggies encounter is from the farm to the market. There are also lots of other vendors like honey, soups, bread, jewelry, woodwork and so much more! Every Saturday from 8:00am – 1:00pm on Market St. East.

The number of times I’ve heard someone comment that they were shocked when they went into a new store are countless! With so many unique and artesian businesses downtown, there is so much to discover and we know you’ll be amazed! Check out our directory of stores here. Looking for suggestions? Get in touch with us.

Easy peasy! Nothing quenches a hot summer day like ice cream. Stop by downtown and enjoy a cone by the beautiful St. Lawrence!

Embrace the (too sad to be true) final days of summer with a drink on a patio. Enjoy the beautiful views of the St. Lawrence, the architecture on King Street, or the beauty of the patios itself!

hosting a holiday party at brockville restaurants

Whether it’s going out for dinner over the break or hosting a holiday party, there are tons of ways to take on this task! You can find a list of restaurants here, services like spas here, and things to do here.

brockville shopping ideas

If you’re not already doing the majority of your holiday shopping downtown, start by purchasing 2 things from your list from a downtown merchant. With over 60 shops, 30 restaurants, and 25 services it’s more than doable. Not sure where to shop? Get in touch with us!

schedule appointment at spas in brockville


Nailshairbarber visits, facials or other treatments to make yourself look and feel your best can all be scheduled downtown! Impress all of the family while helping support your local community.

There are tons of ways to help support your community all year long! At the end of the day, it comes down to being mindful about shifting your business to local entities.

 Learn About Things to Do in Brockville

Make sure to check out our directory of all the businesses downtown. Remember you can get in touch with us if you're ever unsure where to go or things to do in Brockville! Download a PDF copy of the monthly resolutions here!


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