Why Eat Gluten-Free (and the Best Brockville Restaurants to Get Gluten-Free Food)

Why Eat Gluten-Free (and the Best Brockville Restaurants to Get Gluten-Free Food)

Sep 02, 2021

By Chelsea Kerr

Gluten-free options are popping up rapidly in Brockville restaurants, and for good reason! Those with celiac disease and sensitivities to gluten experience troublesome symptoms including stomach pain, headaches, skin issues and even low moods when they eat glutinous foods. Eating gluten-free is the best way for them to manage these uncomfortable symptoms and live their best life.

Thankfully, our Brockville restaurants know how to accommodate gluten-free diets. Without further ado, here are the best places in Brockville to get gluten-free food – we’re sure you’ll love them all!

Richard’s Coffeehouse

This charming coffeehouse drive-through window pickup provides many delicious gluten-free options. Their amazing lasagne stuffed peppers are made with gluten-free lasagne noodles. They can also easily substitute the bread for their sandwiches and toast with a gluten-free version, making most of their menu up for grabs. Don’t forget to ask about their gluten-free baked goods as well!


The Noshery prides itself on its fresh food. We love the array of salads, sandwiches, and drinks they offer! The majority of their menu is gluten-free, and some meals can be modified. Currently, dine-in on the patios and takeout are available from the Noshery.

Buell Street Bistro

This welcoming Bistro carries serves up Mediterranean and market garden cuisine unlike any other. With a menu loaded with diverse lunch and dinner entrees, there’s something for everyone. Try the Ontario Pork meal with creamy garlic potatoes, the Seafood Thermidor, or even their Australian lamb sirloin! They can provide you with a gluten-free menu as well. Buell Street Bistro is ready for you through patio dining and takeout.


This quaint tearoom has everything you need to be transported to Britain for breakfast or lunch. Their menu features an abundance of breakfast options, sandwiches, and of course scones and crumpets. There are gluten-free options and they are available for in-person dining and takeout.

For more about Brockville restaurants that feature gluten-free options, contact Downtown Brockville online or call us today at (613) 345-3269.