4 Must-Visit Cafes in Downtown Brockville

4 Must-Visit Cafes in Downtown Brockville

Feb 12, 2021

By Administrator

At this point, most of us have adjusted to life during a global pandemic and have settled into some sort of routine. To that we say: why not try something new? We’ve put together a list of a few cafes located in downtown Brockville that consistently receive rave reviews from their customers. If you’re looking for things to do in Brockville, Ontario or simply for a place for a great cup of coffee and a tasty treat, this is for you. Some have transitioned their method of servicing customers during the pandemic and some are still operating as usual. We want to give them the credit where it’s well deserved. Alas, here it is:

Great Coffeehouses & Cafes in Downtown Brockville

  1. Richard’s Coffeehouse

Richard’s Coffeehouse is a one-stop shop you simply can’t pass up. From the charmingly designed indoor/outdoor seating area to their endless options for specialty lattes, whatever it is you’re looking for – they can provide. Richard’s has been open for a few years now and brings in overwhelmingly positive feedback from locals and tourists alike. Their never-ending menu includes all day breakfast, home-made lunches, pastries, smoothies, and more types of coffee beans and hot drinks than you could dream of. With so many options to choose from, you can try something new each and every time you visit. Richards continues to grow, changing and improve day after day. Recently, they even installed a take-out window to make it possible to provide service for those in a hurry and for those who would prefer not to enter the store. This Café is not only comfortable to sit and eat in (when it is deemed safe to dine indoors again) – the staff are welcoming, kind and always looking to make your stay the best possible. They have a website that is located HERE and you can see their daily updates on their Facebook Page

  1. Sweet Life Café

The Sweet Life Café is a great go-to spot if you’re on the hunt for breakfast, lunch or a quick coffee on your way to work downtown. The owners can always be found working tirelessly on their next charity initiative and preparing everything for their well-known “Meals on Wheels”. Every other month, they raise money for various individuals and charitable organizations that they feel passionately about. The time and effort they invest is both admirable and highly effective. Somehow (their secret is beyond us) – they manage to fundraise for charities while also carefully tending to each and every person that walks through their door. The Sweet Life Café also has a “Pay it forward Board”. The board allows for people to pay in advance a hot meal, a cold drink, or a pick-me-up treat to give others that may be in need of nourishment what they need to get through their day, regardless of their ability to pay. Needless to say, The Sweet Life Café is just the place to get a hearty homemade meal on a day you don’t feel like making one. Right now they are open Monday through Friday, beginning at 7am. They change their meal selection and specials all the time, so stay in the loop by watching their Facebook Page. We hope that you stop in and say hi to the incredible owners who do so much for our community and maybe pick something up for us on the way out (we’re addicted to their cookies).

  1. Boboli

Boboli is one of Downtown Brockville’s oldest businesses. Originally opening in 1993, Boboli made history as the first non-smoking restaurant in town. They were also the first café in Brockville to offer machine-made cappuccinos! Everything sold at Boboli is made from scratch. Nothing is processed or pre-made, and all the fruit is purchased locally (when it’s in season). You can’t get a fresher meal than one that is made minutes before you arrive. We’ve received calls at the office with people asking whether Boboli was open and selling soup on a given day. We’ve also heard from many Toronto-Ottawa commuters that a stop into Downtown Brockville for the sole purpose of picking up a few bowls of soup or pastries from Boboli has become part of their weekly routine. If that doesn’t convince you to stop in, we don’t know what will! After being in business for nearly 29 years, Boboli has earned stamp of approval from locals and tourists alike. If you’re hungry, thirsty, or want something sweet… why not give Boboli a try? The inside and outside is a sheer work of art and once you try their treats, you’ll wonder what took you so long!

  1. Cosies

Cosies is exactly how it sounds: a beautiful & cozy British Tearoom offering authentic British scones and beverages. The owners are from England and let’s just say, they know their stuff. If you’re a local trying to find a unique place to dine or if you’re a traveler that wants to be transported to England for a few minutes, this is the place for you. Their food and drinks are top tier and they have prioritized safety and care in their operations during the COVID19 lockdowns. Currently, their business model is delivery only. Who doesn’t love wonderful, ready to make meals and scones and delivered to their door? Order on Wednesday for delivery on Friday and /or Saturday, save yourself the trouble of preparing a homemade meal and join the throngs of overjoyed Cosies’ customers! Cosies’ unique vibe and extremely kind owners have solidified it as a favourite for many. From what we’ve heard, it seems Cosies is a 10/10 in everyone’s books boasting awesome google ratings from their over the moon visitors! They post their weekly meals on their Facebook page that you can order so check them out HERE. To get in touch with them and to order a meal please call 613-865-9179 or email pandagoodyer@sympatico.ca! Their website also has some great photos and information and can be found HERE

Come Visit Downtown Brockville Today!

We hope this list convinced you to check out some of our unique Cafés scattered throughout Downtown Brockville. These locations have worked tirelessly since the beginning of the pandemic. The Brockville restaurants and cafés can use all the loving support they can get while they cater to locals. If you want to see a full list of restaurants in the Downtown, please visit our Directory