Why Buying Local Matters During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Why Buying Local Matters During the COVID-19 Pandemic

May 15, 2020

By Administrator

During these trying times, our local businesses in downtown Brockville, and residents in general, are feeling the effects of COVID-19. With many shops forced to close and others operating with minimal staff and services, now more than ever is the time to support our local businesses and restaurants.

Our team at The Downtown Brockville Business Improvement Area outlines some of the biggest reasons you should shop locally now, and in the future as well. Also, to learn what is open and closed in downtown Brockville, please click here. You can even support many businesses and award local healthcare workers for their efforts during this time by buying local gift cards here.

Five Ways You Can Help Your Community by Buying Local

  • Help Your Community

While this may seem obvious when you shop local, you are first and foremost helping your local shop owners and neighborhood. The businesses in downtown Brockville are the cornerstone of our town, and many business owners are your neighbors, friends, and maybe even family members.

  • Improve the Local Economy

COVID-19 has had a tremendous effect on our economy and your local town economy is no different. Did you know that if you buy from local independent retailers the returns from your purchase will be up to three times higher than if you shop at a mega-chain, and up to fifty times higher than buying from a huge online retailer?

  • Environmentally Friendly

Local businesses generally do not have massive warehouses and utilize minimal transportation and shipping chains – which in turn creates less pollution and consumption. Not only do they consume less energy and fuel, but they also source locally owned products and commodities, which have a positive effect on fellow local shops and operations.

  • Taxes

Following up on the previous point, you can also lower taxes when you choose local downtown Brockville businesses. Not only do they create a higher tax return per dollar they sell, since they don’t affect roads, safety services, and more, they can actually put less strain on your economy and potentially lower taxes.

  • Job Creation

Choosing and buying local creates jobs for the community. Increased sales mean increased staffing and further expansion of local shops and businesses.

Choose Downtown Brockville Shops & Businesses

Now is the perfect opportunity to stick together as a community and try our best to support local businesses and shops. To learn more about Downtown Brockville, please contact our team today.