Spring Cheer & Easter are Here!

Spring Cheer & Easter are Here!

Apr 08, 2020

By Administrator

Easter looks a lot different this year for all of us, so we compiled some resources to help make it a bit more normal and maybe even a bit more exciting than you’re projecting it to be.


As with any large holiday, planning is the best plan of action, whether that is heading to Metro for your essentials to be sure you’re able to create the closest traditional version of the upcoming Easter weekend or looking to do something completely different. If that is the case, we encourage you to think of our many eateries who have stayed the course, creatively met your needs and are making festive adaptations to their menu to bring some comfort to you and yours.


One might say that having a new spring outfit is pointless at this point because who knows when you’ll get the chance to show it off. Well if there’s anything to be said about Fashion, it might be just as important for you as it is to share it with others. We know the bright spring displays have done a lot to amplify positive feelings throughout the community, so the same could apply to wearing them around the house. Contact your favourite local shops, many are doing a variety of e-commerce solutions to keep you styling during these times, your purchase might be what helps keeps them open at the end of this.


Colonial Flowers and Wild Little Roses have been taking delivery orders for Easter cheer daily and if you haven’t seen their beautiful arrangements for yourself, follow the link to their pages now!


Taits might be the first local café that comes to mind when it comes to making sure you are set for sweets at during special occasions, you’ll also find an assortment at O’Mally Kourt Fudgery, Richards Coffeehouse and Sweet Life Café as well. Spitfire Café has even offered to delivery your 4 O’clock Tea Party if you want to add a fancy touch, or send to put a smile on someone’s face.


If you haven’t already, you can participate in 3 chances to win gift certificates to Downtown Brockville Businesses to use when this is all over! Decorate an EGG and upload it to your social networking platform using the hashtags displayed (making sure to set privacy to public for an entry + bonus entries for tagging the business you would spend it at) or while socially distancing you can find eggs placed in windows throughout Downtown Brockville businesses by Monday April 12th.

Keep your eyes out for the Easter Bunny! Officially deemed an Essential Service Provider on April 7th, you just might see it in person for the first time as they drive throughout the city celebrating everyone for safely socially distancing themselves. Check out #BrockvilleBunnyWatch2020 for details!

Give Back:

The Brockville and Area Food Bank, a community support that seeks support leading up to special weekends, has seen an influx of business during these times because more families are in need and it needs your support than ever before. Thankfully, the Winter Classic Weekend and City Council have partnered together to put a new twist on giving back during these difficult times with a Community Strong Food Drive. You can choose to Donate Now  or check to see how you can donate to the town pick-up here.


Altered hours will always be a thing in business around the holidays, note that some have extended to make access easier for customers, while others have toned down their resources to allow staff time with their families and a few have done both. During COVID-19 the impact of altered hours may be more noticeable because our individual needs are greater and less people are working, so please plan with the highest levels of patience and support for your fellow people.